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Apr 21, 2015

Out Today: Terminal Shift

The story is almost over and the stakes are ever higher.

The penultimate story in the Lunar Colony VI series is out today!

Terminal Shift (Book 4 LCVI)
With unexplained moonquakes threatening to bring Lunar Colony VI’s walls down around her, Nala must expose her darkest secret to keep others safe.
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The Lunar Colony VI series

Apr 17, 2015

Release Day: Amy DuBoff's Architects of Destiny (Cadicle Vol 1)

Hey guys!
It's Friday and more exciting, it's release day for Amy Duboff's Architects of Destiny.
Check out this gorgeous cover, read the blurb, get to know her, and consider getting your own copy of this novella!
Cris Sietinen is heir to the most powerful Dynasty on Tararia, but he couldn’t care less about business and politics. He was born with rare telekinetic gifts—abilities he would never be permitted to develop within the confines of his family’s estate, thanks to the decrees of the powerful Priesthood. While the Tararian Selective Service (TSS) offers an official telekinesis training program, joining the organization is only a distant dream. Determined to explore his potential on his own, Cris leaves Tararia and begins a new life on a cargo freighter. But, everything changes when Cris receives an unexpected training opportunity with the TSS—a chance to find a home with people like himself, free from the Priesthood and political objectives. Except, some paths are designed, and Cris’ course was set. 

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About the Cadicle series

Architects of Destiny is the first installment in the Cadicle series. This short novel is a prelude to the defining events in Tararia’s history in the ensuing years.

The Cadicle series follows three generations of the pivotal Sietinen Dynasty as each learns their part in an elaborately orchestrated galactic conflict. Torn by politics, love and war, the Cadicle and those he holds most dear must choose between duty and morality as the true nature of their purpose unfolds. Through their roles as Agents in the Tararian Selective Service, they will be on the front lines of space battles, but the political skirmishes they must face on Tararia could prove just as dangerous. The Cadicle holds the key to winning both, but at what cost?
Veil of Reality (Cadicle Vol 2) comes out June 28th, so you won't have to wait too long to continue this series!
About the Author
Amy has always loved science fictionbooks, movies, shows and games. After devouring some of the classics like Dune and Ender's Game in her tween years, she began writing short stories. 

In the ensuing years, Amy attended the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics in Vancouver, Washington, where she studied creative writing. She eventually became a Psychology major at Portland State University, but also pursued a minor in Professional Writing. After graduating, she stumbled into a career as a proposal manager.

Amy currently lives in Portland, Oregon, with her fiancé. When she's not writing, she enjoys travel, wine tasting, binge-watching TV series, and playing epic strategy board games.

Check out her website:

Apr 13, 2015

When Giving Up is a Good Idea

Occasionally, I start something that I absolutely love the idea of only to find out shortly thereafter that I really don’t. Sometimes that thing is a book I’m writing, or one I’m reading, or a TV series others are raving about. On rare occasions it’s a friendship, or a meal plan.*

Sometimes, quitting is bad, because you’ve made a commitment or because you’re giving up for the wrong reasons. But I’m okay with quitting in most situation.

Your time is a precious commodity. You don’t get back time you’ve lost so why waste it doing something you hate or that isn’t going to be of any benefit to you.

I spent a lot of my life as a completionist. If I started reading a book, I would finish it. It didn’t matter if I hated it. For a while, it was bad enough that if I’d read the first book in a series, I had to finish the rest of the series (or at least plan to). It was a vicious cycle and it ate up a lot of time I’m never going to get back.

This year, I started falling into that pattern again. I started turning into a completionist. If I started a draft of a manuscript, in my mind, I had to finish it. It didn’t matter that it was an ugly mess of a draft that had a fishing wire plot and characters that even I didn’t like after I’d actually gotten to know them.

It was a complete drain on my energy on my creativity and on my time. I lost the normal productivity I’d had otherwise. I wrote 1millionwords in a single year…. And we’re already in the middle of the fourth month this year, but I’ve only just cracked the 100k mark. All because I’ve been too stubborn to know that giving up on some of the projects bogging me down was the best option.

So this is my reminder to you, as well as to myself:  don’t force yourself to finish things that aren’t beneficial to you, that don’t have merit of some kind.

Sometimes, Giving up is the right answer.

*I’m still working out perfecting a menu that is easy to stick to, palatable, and is good for our health.

Apr 10, 2015

5 Reasons I'll Unfollow You On Twitter

1. The only tweet I've ever seen from you is a promotional one.... and I've seen it three or more times. I shouldn't be able to remember a promo tweet from you. The item, sure, the actual tweet, no. Break it up.

2. You're offensive - to me or others. Doesn't matter if it's indirectly. I don't care if it was a joke.

3. There's no "you" behind the promo. It's great that you want to help others promote themselves. It's wonderful that you have something to sell. But if you feel like a bot....

4. I'm doing my semi-regular following purge and I have no idea who you are or why you're here. If you haven't talked to me or I don't think you're relevant anymore, you're gone.

5. You immediately DM me after a follow with a link and promo for your site/work/album/book. Don't be a salesman without actually taking the time to find out if I'm in your market.

Bonus: The #1 reason you're never getting a follow-back in the first place.

You follow, unfollow, follow... enough that I recognize you from how often it's happened. I don't auto-follow. If you want me to follow you back, interact with me. Don't be a creep. This method leads me to assume you're doing this in an attempt to artificially boost your following.

Apr 6, 2015

Free books

A fun fact for any one who doesn't already know, you can get a copy of any of my books for $0.00. You don't have to pay a monthly fee (we're not talking about Kindle Unlimited or any service like that) and I'm not sending you to your local library.

I've run across several instances of my books on websites where the have no place being. Copies for download to those who justify stealing my book with the fact that they can't afford it.

It's a symptom of a greater problem in our society, but I'm not going to bother with that right now. Instead, lets talk about a legitimate way you can get my books for free.

There's a tab up in top right side of this blog that says Review Copy Request. That's right, for the low cost of  typing up whether you liked or disliked/loved or hated my book, I will email you a kindle copy.

I saw a post on a forum, asking where a person could download a free copy of The reformation of Tyler Harris - Flynn book #2. The person said they couldn't afford to buy every book they wanted to read. And it has me shaking my head

Real talk guys: I made less than $500 on my books last year. This is due partially to the fact that I do next to no marketing and partially because  I sell them for as little as I possibly can. I price them the way I do in the hopes that more people can read them.

Here's the real problem with pirating my books: If you download one of my  books (or multiple) from pirating sites.... I don't know you're reading them. If I think no one's reading them, I don't have any real impetus to finish a series. I'll take longer breaks, and start putting books out with less frequency.

I'm not looking to become a millionaire off my books. I am a realist. But it is depressing to think that people chose to pirate my books when they have the option of getting books for the low cost of  a few words on Amazon, goodreads or elsewhere.

So please. If you want a free book, don't download it from a pirating site (because I'm sure even though I'm contacting the sites that currently have my books up, more will spring up as soon as these come down). Request a review copy.