Black Lives Matter.

BLACK LIVES MATTER. I believe this to be an undeniable truth. BLACK LIVES MATTER. I, as a person raised within a sphere of privilege, misinformation, and willful descrimination, have to accept my complicitness in our country where people will hear those three words and feel the need to argue. BLACK LIVES MATTER. We need to fight anyone who says otherwise, in real life, and through fiction. Because fiction shapes world views in ways that are sometimes subtle, but can have lasting effects. BLACK LIVES MATTER. Performative activism isn’t enough. We have to force change in any and every way we can.Sign Petitions - Donate what you can - If you protest - Black bookstores to support -

Spice Tea

We’re in that fun season where sniffles and sneezes, and rib cracking coughs are starting to make the rounds. That means it’s time to share another, updated version of the spice tea recipe that keeps me alive when the yearly plague rolls through.   As always, it’s pretty much the same as previous versions I’ve posted. Though, this time I have added a pair of variations that I’ve enjoyed recently.     If you make it often enough, like I do, you’ll eventually get to a point when you don’t need to measure out the water (it hits right beneath the handles on my stock pot). And you may want to adjust the spice ratio too. I pull my cloves and cinnamon out with a tablespoon, but I let them heap too, so I don’t know exacting amounts.   When you’re feeling like it’s not quite enough, adding whiskey* is a good plan too.   Ingredients 6 Quarts Water ( 24 Cups/1.5 Gallons) 1 Cup Sugar 1 Tbsp Whole Cloves 1 Tbsp Ground Cinnamon 12 Bags Black Tea (I use Lipton beca

Under Construction

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